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Sales experts Hopkins (How to Master the Art of Selling) and Katt believe that “no” is just a starting point to getting to “yes.” In this useful and insightful book, they build on two key points: not giving up too soon and understanding that there is no cookie-cutter approach to making a sale. The authors show how to expand the number of possible responses to “no” and guide readers through the pitfalls of selling, including dealing with confused consumers, providing too much information, and not demonstrating your level of competence. 

Hopkins and Katt spend the bulk of their time on the “Circle of Persuasion”—a roadmap that helps readers master the four basic activities that produce the biggest results: establishing rapport, identifying needs, presenting solutions, and asking closing questions. Each chapter helpfully ends with a list of key points. In this vital sales industry title, the authors show that it’s how salespeople respond to rejection that determines if a sale is made. - Publishers Weekly Review

Section One addresses the elephant in the room: Hearing NO's can be emotionally uncomfortable. Readers learn the many possible meanings of the word NO and see an overview of the world's first complete sales model, the Circle of Persuasion. 

Section two examines each step of the sale that leads to the first close. What may have led to the buyer first saying NO? Readers will learn

   * nonverbal ways to establish rapport. 

   * a set of discovery questions to ask when identifying needs.       

   * several powerful concepts for presenting solutions

   * the two biggest mistake salespeople make during the close.

Section three addresses how to respond when buyers say NO.  Readers will learn how to use the concerns and questions of buyers to lead them to the next moment of decision. They will also learn how to negotiate agreements that are a win for buyers and the salesperson's company.  

Section four teaches how to respond when buyers say YES!  Readers will also learn how to create the expectations throughout the sales appointment of asking for a referral.

"There are a lot of books on selling, but none of them provide the kind of ground-breaking insights that Hopkins and Katt provide in WHEN BUYERS SAY NO. This will become mandatory reading for all sales professionals in the years to come." - JOHN O'DONNELL, CKO, ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY

"A crystal clear, concise How-To book that uncovers the hiddden 'yes' behind every 'no'." - ANTHONY PARINELLO, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF SELLING TO VITO, THE VERY IMPORTANT TOP OFFICER

"Hopkins and Katt prove Henry Ford's theory of 'Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right' by starting with the salesperson's mindset to determine sales success. The tactics that follow help overcome potential rejection for when buyers say no." - SUZANNE GARBER, RISK MITIGATION CEO

"I just got an advance copy of WHEN BUYERS SAY NO. I got more out of reading the first chapter than I've gotten out of 99.99% of all the sales books I've read. I predict it will be a classic." - GEOFFREY JAMES, AUTHOR OF BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BULLSH*T AND THE AWARD-WINNING COLUMNIST ON INC.COM